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Surrender your inhibitions and let the shadows release your wildest desires...

Prepare to be enthralled: Embrace the allure of fear and elegance in a world where fear takes center stage, I stand as the Master of manipulation, with hands that never bear the stain of my art.

Enter my realm, where I am a serial Dominatrix, weaving passion and soul-depravity into every encounter. My sadistic and creative personality yearns for the exhilaration of "more" with each breath you take in my presence.

The insatiable hunger I possess for psychological control rivals the intensity of my bite. But my profession is not merely a service-it is an exquisite form of therapy.

Through our interactions, I delve into the depths of your desires, curating a bespoke experience that satisfies your every craving, be it a thrilling situation, a tantalizing kink, or a wild fantasy.

Each encounters fuels my insatiable curiosity, pushing t
he boundaries of pleasure and pain. In this realm, connection and trust are scared currencies. You are invited to immerse yourself in the sinister allure of the right side of Psycho.

Step into the darkness, where I reign supreme, and surrender to the ecstasy of fear and elegance.

Welcome to the right side of Psycho!


I insist all my clients have a 1:1 personal consultation to ensure I understand their unique preferences.  

Finest Facilities
Only the right environment will result in the finest experience and this is tailored to each client.  

All my clients are on a journey to explore their kinks, everybody is different no judging ever in my presence. Fascination is the key.  
All my clients are provided the highest level of discretion and the storage of personal equipment I can cater for. 

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